Project: Sarah Denison Photography

The focus of work on Sarah’s website was making the site look more visually appealing. This was achieved through a couple of ways, including content changes and branding guidance.

Branding Guidance

The key to making any website “look good” is to keep things consistent. The way we went about this was through building a brand board with guidelines around what colours, fonts and headers should be used on the website. Once Sarah was happy with this, the necessary website elements were changed to align with the brand guidelines – making the site look professional and put together. 

Content Layout Tweaks

In order to improve the aesthetic of the page, we added some design elements such as a parallax effect on homepage images, and block coloured footer. The website was also tested thoroughly on mobile to ensure that all content was optimised. 

Sarah Denison Photography website - investment page on desktop
Use of colour to draw attention to the CTA's
Showcasing Sarah's photography skills
Mobile responsive web design
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