ZZ&H | Project #1

The first project I worked on 🙂 ZZ&H was started as a personal blog, using Google Blogger. I maintained the site (kind of) and somehow, over a period of nearly five years, over 100 posts have ended up on the blog.

ZZ&H was my playground for web design aka I used it to try things out – it’s a bit of a mess and, dare I say it, not responsive ? The site definitely evolved over the time the blog was active (while I was procrastinating from actually blogging) and design wise – on desktop – I’m 90% happy with it.

Key design feature – colour

A key feature to the design is definitely the use of colour – I wanted the orange to be bold, the aqua to soften the orange, and the navy because, let’s be real, it was never going to look good having three bright and light colours in such close proximity.

Orange was incorporated throughout the page, including the imagery for the site and Instagram feed that displayed at the top of the page. This tied things together, and kept the brand feel consistent throughout social media and the blog. Due to the natural boldness of anything that’s bright orange, this was my colour of choice for call to actions. Admittedly, there’s probably a tad way too much orange on the page for the CTA to be clear, but hey, I was trying things out.

This was the result:

ZZ&H desktop site

As mentioned, mobile wasn’t really a focus for the blog (though, I know, it should have been!) so it didn’t really look great on mobile. Regardless, here’s what a pretty standard Blogger site looks like on mobile. All sites I’m involved with now are fully responsive and optimised for mobile 🙂

Project Overall

ZZ&H was more of an ongoing trial as opposed to a project, but it’s something I really enjoyed. Whilst the site is no longer active (and a lot of it’s a mess!), it’s something I learnt a lot from.

If you’re running a blog and struggling with the design, don’t have time to drive traffic to the site or just despise writing content get in touch and let’s figure out how we can make running your website easier.

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